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What is CrossFit ?

CrossFit is a physical preparation methodology invented by an american former universitary gymnast : Greg Glassman, in 1974. This broad, general and inclusivemethodology aims to develop 10 physical qualities defines by his creator (endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance et accuracy).
To develop theses capacities, CrossFit creates WOD (Workout Of the Day). The purpose of the WOD is to be different every day relying on constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.
Theses movement are mainly from olympic sports : weightlifting (movements with additional loads), gymnastic (body weight movements) and track and field (and/or cardio-vascular exercices such as cycling, jump rope, or rowing).
To prove the quality of its training program, CrossFit set up an international competition open world wide to elect the fittest person on earth. This competition called CrossFit Games brings together the 50 bests men and women of the planet after being qualified at the Opens and Regionals phases.
Today in full expansion, CrossFit became a brand in the 2000's with Reebok as a choice partner and allows to train certified coaches who will coach in affiliated boxes.

And what about CrossFit Cenabum ?

CrossFit Cenabum (latin word for "Orléans") was founded by two coaches, Florent Doradoux and Clément Perrin. Driven by their expérience and passion for discipline, thoses two coaches quickly understand the interest of this program and specifically trained to the discipline (see their profiles here) before getting their CrossFit affiliation.
Started in 2014, CrossFit Cenabum officially became the first affiliate in the Centre-Val de Loire region in 2015.
Following the CrossFit process in the traditional way, the CrossFit Cenabum coaches will bring their personal experience to serve your objectives.
Cenabum in honor to the city of Orléans, the box is located on the outskirts of the city, in 90 rue d’Alsace - 45160 Olivet, in the commercial zone of Olivet. The gym is accessible, family and warm. It offers a high quality coaching and a high-end equipment : Eleiko for the rigs and weightlifting equipment, Rogue for the small gymnastic equipment and Strongman, Concept 2 for the Ergs. The box also has a Skierg, a Wattbike, some Assaut air bikes and a whole professional range of Kettlebell.
Subscribers could book their WOD via our online schedule and/or mobile App. The WOD are open to everyone up to 16 peoples with morning, noon and evening slots and individualized programming for the competitiors.
Because it is not always easy to take care of your training and life, CrossFit can be the solution and it's near to your home, so don't wait anymore !

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Video by MY Production     ⎸  


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100m from tram station. Lane A, stop Les Aulnaies.